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    ?this golden friend of hers free ▓of treasures which her own exp●erience had gathered and

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    which, in sum, wer▓e as yet meaningless to her.She g●ave everything, knowing the value of

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    nothing,▓ a true parvenue of the soul.To love ▓(from any quarter) she could respond●, bu

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    t only with the worn felicities of friends▓hip.Her body really meant nothing to her▓.It wa

  • his gave her m●is

    s a dupe.Her modesty was ●supreme.This sort of giving is really ●shocking because it is as

  • ery a fugitive rel

    simple ●as an Arab, without precociou▓sness, unrefined as a drinki▓ng habit among peasan


ts.It was born long bef●ore the idea of love was formed in ▓the fragmented psyche of Europea▓n man — the knowledge (or invention●) of which was to make

him the ●most vulnerable of creatures

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